Since 2009 SALAD has been providing a pro-bono foreclosure assistance program to address the ongoing foreclosure crisis in South Florida.


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Eligibility Requirements:

All families and/or individuals with a yearly household income of $65,000 or less and who are at risk of losing their primary homes.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Foreclosure DefenseWhat is a Foreclosure?

A Foreclosure is a lawsuit filed by a mortgage lender or a condominium and homeowner’s association when the property owner has not made payments. Through foreclosure, a mortgage lender or association can ultimately obtain a court order to sell the property at auction to recover its money.


I’m behind in mortgage payments, what should I do?

Contact your mortgage lender to find out if it will assist you. You should ask to speak with the loss mitigation department. This department works with homeowners that are behind in their mortgage payments. Generally, it is better to contact the mortgage lender as soon as you have a problem. New legislation offers several options for homeowners, including the possibility of refinancing or modifying your existing mortgage so that the terms are better.


I have decided that I can’t afford my house. What are my options?

If you decide that you cannot afford to keep your house, do not walk away from the mortgage. If the house is sold at a foreclosure sale, you run the risk of losing any equity you may have and further damaging your credit record. Options may include selling your home, executing a short sale, or executing a deed in lieu of foreclosure.


I was served with court papers for foreclosure. What happens next?

Once the mortgage lender files a foreclosure, you will be served with the Summons and Complaint. Either the sheriff or a process server will deliver the complaint to you. If you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you should consult with an attorney immediately.


Since 2009, SALAD has been providing a Pro-Bono Foreclosure assistance program to address the ongoing foreclosure crisis in South Florida.


This project has allowed SALAD to advocate against the many predatory lending practices that target many Hispanics and other minority groups in South Florida, leading of homes and wealth lost in these communities.


If you are struggling with your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, SALAD can assist you. Whether your financial hardship or current situation is temporary or more permanent, options are available.